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Free Soup Bowl Cozy Pattern

Protect your hands and furniture from hot soup, chili, and oatmeal with microwave-safe bowl cozies that are as cute as they are functional! Because they're quick and easy to assemble, they are an ideal gift to make in multiples. You can even use them to hold cold items like ice cream! These soup bowl cozies even use 10" squares, so you can use precuts if you plan to make many!

We've shared some important notes, favorite tools, and a video tutorial below, so keep reading!

Pattern Details

  • Finished cozy: fits a 6"-diameter bowl

  • Techniques used: Basic sewing methods

  • Difficulty: Beginner

Get the Free Pattern!

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Important Notes

  • It's important to use 100%-cotton fabric, batting, and thread when making a soup bowl cozy, especially if you plan to put it in the microwave. Materials like polyester and metallics can start on fire when heated. If you're unsure about the material you're using, it's best to transfer your bowl to the cozy after heating, so you don't risk putting material in your microwave that's unsafe.

  • We suggest heating your soup bowl cozy no more than 2 minutes at a time.

  • To wash your cozy, machine-wash it in cold water. Let it air dry if possible. If you prefer to dry it in your dryer, use a low-heat setting, then iron the cozy afterward if it has lost its shape.

Our Favorite Supplies for Soup Bowl Cozies

Here's a list of the materials and tools we use to make soup bowl cozies.

Wrap-N-Zap Batting: The only 100%-cotton batting we trust, since it's made specifically to be heated. Other battings, even those that are "all-natural" may be treated to keep the layers together in a way that may be unsafe for heating.

50 wt. Aurifil Thread: This 100%-cotton thread is low-lint and comes in a variety of colors. We suggest getting a neutral color (such as cream or light gray) that will blend with a variety of colors, so you don't need to switch thread between projects.

Wonder Clips: This pin alternative holds bulky layers in place and is easy to remove when sewing. You can also use these clips to hold binding in place while sewing!

Hera Marker: A hera marker is easier to mark your cozies for quilting and darts than an ink marker, because it doesn't drag or get caught on the batting when marking. We use our hera markers to mark quilting lines on our quilts and diagonal lines on triangle-squares, too!

Point Turner: So helpful in getting nice points on your cozy to give it a refined look. If you make a lot of 3D objects, such as pillows, pincushions, or children's toys, a point turner is great tool to have.

Buy on Amazon.

Singer Heavy-Duty Computerized Sewing Machine: This is one of Lindsay's favorite machines, especially for sewing bulky items. This machine sews through all projects beautifully and comes with a walking foot to get even stitches. While it's obviously not necessarily to buy a new machine to sew soup bowl cozies, if you're in the market for an affordable machine for small projects or travel, this machine comes with many amazing features (like automatic thread cutter and decorative stitches) that other machines in that price-point don't.

Buy on the Singer website.

Video Tutorial

Lindsay walks you through making a soup bowl cozy!

If you make these cozies, be sure to share them on social media using the hashtags #HappyHourStitches and #SoupBowlCozy.

Thanks for joining us for "happy hour",

Lindsay and Elizabeth

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