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Tour Lindsay's Sewing Room

Having a sewing room was a dream of mine for years. I lived in apartments when I first started sewing, so my sewing was done at the dining room table. I put my projects and sewing machine away every night. I kept my fabrics and supplies to a minimum because we didn't have storage space for them.

When we moved to our home 6 years ago, I was adamant that we find a place that had a dedicated room for me to sew! I was so happy to have a space that was all mine -- and a space I could grow into. (Little did I know that the room would also serve as a work-from-home space during the pandemic and now a place I help run Happy Hour Stitches from).

I pieced together my sewing room with hand-me-down furniture and mishmashed storage. My white shelving for my fabric storage was from my childhood bedroom. My sewing table was an old office desk we found free on the side of the road -- I banged my knees on it constantly. My cutting table was a cardboard table that wobbles with every cut. And my sewing chair was a drum throne my husband didn't need for band practice anymore. This setup serves me well for years and I'm so grateful to have had this space, so I could continue to sew without the cost of new furniture.

But last year, I was ready for an upgrade! It was time for all new furniture (and furniture that could fit my fabric storage and sewing needs!) I work best in a minimal and organized space, so I wanted furniture that would contain the clutter and that would also be visually clean. I chose all white furniture and painted the whole room white to help brighten the space and let the fabric and quilts add color.

Here's a look at my room and details of the products. (See a before and after video on YouTube here.)

Fabric Storage

I expanded my fabric storage by adding cube storage to my room. The organizer can be displayed horizontally or vertically. I opted for horizontal because it gave me a larger surface space on top to display meaningful items in my space, such as photos, cards, enamel pins, and favorite fabric bundles. I sewed a rainbow of 12" storage bins to store different color families of fabrics and left two cubbies open for my white and black fabrics.

Fabric Storage Bins: Pattern from

Sewing/Cutting Space

I chose a large IKEA desk with a pull-out arm to serve as a my sewing and cutting station. I love having my cutting mat right next to my machine, because it makes it easy to trim blocks or cut chain-pieced units while sewing. The pull-out table is handy for holding pieces for sewing or providing more cutting area for larger pieces of fabric. Underneath the desk is a large plastic tub filled with batting scrap, stuffing, and other less-used items.

Notion Storage

I had space in the corner for a rolling cart to hold my supplies. The top tier has all my most-used tools, such as scissors, marking tools, pins, and needles. I use a variety of small storage containers like a pencil cup, a fabric bowl, and a silicone tool holder to keep things upright and easy to grab. The second tier holds all my thread (both sewing and embroidery). And the bottom tier has my pressing tools, such as starches, fusibles, and clappers. I can roll this cart around my room as needed to keep my tools where I need them!

Pressing Station

My ironing board setup is simple. I upgraded to a new ironing board cover to help it feel clean and bright. If I need more space in my room, I can easily fold the ironing board up and lean it in the corner of the room. The closet behind holds finished quilts (smaller ones stored on hangers), as well as my seasonal fabric like Christmas and Halloween fabrics.

Paint: Glidden White on White

I love my sewing room so much! I'm still working on adding a design wall and some places to display quilts. And I'm debating a pegboard behind the sewing table. But I think my sewing space may always be a work in progress as my needs change over the years. But right now, it's a happy place to spend time working, getting creative, and with my cute "helper" Ziggy.

Thanks for joining me for "happy hour",


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